Charles Zemelka

Profile Updated: April 29, 2018
Residing In: Cheyenne, WY USA
Spouse/Partner: Colleen Zemelka
Occupation: Owner CZ Studios L3C
Children: Charles born 1989, Derick born 1991, Thaddeus born 1996, Jaycee born 2006, Step daughter Nottia born More…2003, Step Son Keyser born 2005. Yep we just need a house keepr named Alice and were the (disfunctional)Brady Bunch.
Military Service: Marines/ Army  

Update since the 20yr reunion. A couple weeks later my Team was tasked out for Presidential Security at the 2008 DNC. We came home for 1 day before deploying to Texas for Hurricane (Ike) Response. By the spring of 2009 I was having serious back issues and was informed I had to have surgery and may already have some permanent nerve damage. So I had to"find"a desk job for a while. I volunteered and was selected for IG (Inspector General) Duty which would give me time to recover before going back to a line Unit. In a matter of a few months I had my spine fused, changed jobs and got Married again (dont know what she was thinking...)

In 2011 I stood up the Wyoming Chapter of the Green Knights Military Motorcycle Club and have ended up stuck as the President since then.

In 2012 I had recovered from surgery about as much as I was going to so I volunteered for deployment. I assumed I was going to be assigned as one of the Platoon Sergeants but was informed I was going to deploy as the Infantry Company First Sergeant. No such luck, while spinning up for the deployment I managed to snap 2 of the titanium rods in my back. No deployment and another round of spine surgery in Jan 2013.

Spring of 2014 I finally was informed I was being reassigned back to a line unit (woo-hooo no more desk duty!!) and would be assuming the duties of the Senior Operations NCO/ Fire Support Coordinator for a (Field Artillery) Fires Brigade which would include the eventual promotion to Master Sergeant . A couple weeks later I had come down on the First Sergeant Promotion list as "Selected" and would be assigned as a Firing Battery First Sergeant in the same Fires Brigade. Both went on "hold" while the General and the Chief of Staff tried to figure out which position I was going to.

A week later (before a decision was made) I was informed I was being sent to a medical board for my back which also disqualified me from either position or promotion while waiting on the board which could take 24-36+ months (Son of a ......!!!) That meant 2-3 years on medical hold (no schools, deployments, promotions) just stuck behind a desk answering phones somewhere. I was also informed by my new Doctor that I had to have ankle surgery (I had broken it almost a year before but the Doctor I had then "missed it" in the X-ray report) Now it had healed all screwed up and had to be "fixed" surgically!!! Are you Frigging kidding me!?!?!! Missed the "fracture"in the X ray report where it says fracture 3 times?? Well no use wasting another 2-3 years delaying the inevitable of a Medical Discharge I already had 26 years in so I just decided to retire in OCT 2014. I spent my last 2 months on Active duty on crutches from ankle surgery.

I retired, went back to school (for a bit) and started a job as a property inspector. I realized I do not "People well" and after changing jobs a couple times and a couple more surgeries to fix old injuries my wife encouraged me to pursue my art work full time. I had been selling some on and off over the years more or less as a hobby. The last couple years it was more of a part time job. She also helped remodel and expand my studio. I started selling my work at a gallery and a couple shows.

Last summer (2017) I expanded and got my business license for my Studio. I now have my website, I'm doing internet sales on a couple Art websites, selling at one Gallery and at a Comic Book store. I'm having a bit of trouble keeping up with those at times which isnt a bad thing. I usually have a couple commission pieces I'm working on at any given time as well. In January I landed a contract for some "large work" projects for a business which will keep me busy until summer. The work is so big (8ft x 10ft) I cant fit it in the studio so I have "temporarily" annexed my garage and added a heater for needed work space.(My wife is not happy about that!). Not getting rich but it does keep me productive and busy.

I cant complain, the hardest part of working for myself is dealing with the Jerk in charge and thats me. Yes I do have days even I dont want to be around me! I do get to spend most days cranking up the stereo and working in my studio. I still havent found a down side to this. I work when I want, take a day off when I want. My wife has been self employed for over 5 years so we dont have anyone else to answer to except ourselves so we run off for long weekends, mini vacations when I want. Ok, ok when SHE wants! I now have the flexibility to get back "home" to Ohio almost as often as I want to visit my kids, Grand kids and other family. Instead of trying to plan "leave" a year or more in advance around training, deployments, missions and whatever else got thrown in like I had to do for over 26 years.

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Posted: Mar 07, 2014 at 12:00 AM
My kids, Charles, Rick, Tad and Jaycee
Posted: Mar 07, 2014 at 12:00 AM
Morrigan and Scout
Posted: Mar 07, 2014 at 12:00 AM
Hanging out in Jackson WY
Posted: Mar 07, 2014 at 12:00 AM
Rocky MNTN NTNL PARK Colorado (memorial day)
Posted: Mar 07, 2014 at 12:00 AM
Just another day at the office
Posted: Mar 07, 2014 at 12:00 AM
Typical Browns fan ! Jaycee watching her first Browns game.