Christina Marvin Pirouz

Profile Updated: May 3, 2008
Residing In: Charlotte, NC USA
Spouse/Partner: Kayvan
Occupation: Mom
Children: Alexandra, born 2000
Olivia, born 2002
Konnor, born 2005

Sorry, my first attempt at this was more like a resume so I shall give this another shot.

I attended Miami University and graduated in 1992. I had always hoped to move to a bigger city but the economy was poor in 1992. I moved back to Wadsworth to work for a fundraising firm in Fairlawn. During that time I hung out with Lynne Reardon while she was attending Law School at Akron U. We had a great time.

I then moved to Washington, D.C. to work for World Wildlife Fund. It was one of the best moves of my life. I loved D.C. and met so many friends, many of which I am still close to. My third apartment in DC was actually the the outside of the apartment building they show in St. Elmo's Fire as Judd Nelson's loft.(Sorry, useless trivia). I also met my husband there right before he moved to North Carolina to get his MBA at the UNC Chapel HIll. After he finished, we moved to Charlotte, got engaged and bought a house.

I have been very lucky and have gotten to travel a lot. I have made it to the Middle East, Australia, South America and many places in Europe.

In 2000, we had our first child, Alexandra and it was a big and wonderful change for us. In 2002, Olivia joined us and in 2005 Konnor rounded out our family.

We have been in Charlotte, NC for ten years and are very happy. I am very fortunate to have kept in touch with both Julie Houston and Lynne Reardon (Damsma). Both were actually in my wedding in 1999.

I still come back to Wadsworth a couple times a year to visit my parents. I really look forward to attending the reunion and catching up with everyone.

Also, thanks to Julie for starting this website for us.

School Story:

All the funny unpredictable things that happened, such as sitting in Mr. Anderson's government class watching Lou Perry spin his pen around. Then as he started to spin it again the pen broke and ink showered Mike Mikulin and others sitting in the aisle next to him. Hilarious.

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